7 Reasons Why Magazine Dating Tips for Men Are Wrong ...


You may not want to admit it, but you may need advice about dating and yes, you might well turn to magazine dating tips for men.2

Sadly, so often the advice is just plain wrong.

Bad advice leads you headlong into the minefield that is dating, without a map or flak jacket.

Read on to understand the reasons why magazine dating tips for men are wrong and keep them in mind when you move in on that hottie you’ve been eyeing.

1. Attraction Isn’t a Choice

Magazine dating tips for men (and in this case, for women too) never factor in the fact that attraction is not a choice.

The very idea of this tip on its own merit is flawed because you simply cannot evoke a feeling that isn’t there.

It is like trying to set fire to a block of ice;

there is no way of guessing or manufacturing attraction.

There is the potential for attraction within women for any one man, but knowing which woman has that potential for you is not something you can quantify, nor is it possible to create a tip that causes attraction when there is no potential for it.

2. Lines and Techniques Are Only Tricks

It is like fishing with holographic bait.

Lines and tips are based on tricks, and male dating advice in magazines is simply exploiting that.

Think of it as sales techniques in that you may find a successful one that hoodwinks a lot of people into buying, but it is still a trick and therefore fundamentally flawed.

A study of female attraction would serve a man far better than a trick that they hope to turn into more than just an encounter.

3. Men Are Solution Orientated and the Dating World Doesn’t Work That Way

I want the answer or the line right now!

That is the opinion of most of us, and most will not accept that there is no definite technique or line that works.

They see other men in pubs and clubs doing well with women and yet they still think that it must be their lines, their lies or their looks that are doing it.

Ironically, if those same men spent time with these alpha men then they may see how they attract women so easily.

Dating Tips do Not Factor in Voice Tone, Posture or Attitude
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