7 Tips on How to Choose an Aftershave ...


With the release of new aftershaves practically keeping apace with new women’s perfumes, every man now needs tips on how to choose an aftershave.

Whether you’re looking for your first ever cologne (that is if your well-intentioned mom hasn’t landed you with a drugstore special), updating your collection or just treating yourself, choosing an aftershave is almost like attending a chemistry class.3

There’s no shame or damage to your street cred if you need some tips on how to choose an aftershave.

Read on!

1. Think about Your Personality

Knowing how to choose an aftershave means knowing the sort of person that you are.

Your aftershave is your representative, and this makes it important to choose a fragrance that fits in with your personality.

For example, if you are a sporty, energetic person, go with cologne that is citrusy and fresh.

If, on the other hand, you are confident and ambitious, go with something strong and heady.

There are lots of different types of scent that fit in with different personality types.

2. Learn about Scents

It is so much easier to find your signature fragrance when you have a basic understanding of scents, so make sure you read up before you start shopping.

The standard system used to classify fragrances involves woody fragrances (including cedar and sandalwood), amber fragrances (which are sweeter and livelier) and floral fragrances (which will have obvious floral overtones).

Choosing the right aftershave means getting to know the fragrance families that work for you, and how different fragrances combine.

3. First Impressions

Finding the right aftershave will admittedly take some trial and error, not to mention a good helping of perseverance.2

Finding the right aftershave may involve multiple visits to the mall, but trust us: your efforts will be rewarded!

You don’t want to sniff any more than three colognes in one session – otherwise it becomes difficult to discern between different scents.

Don’t neglect your instincts.

If you love a cologne from the very first sniff, this is a good sign.

However you should remember that the most suitable product is not always the one that you love right away, and always the one that makes you smell great after half a day’s wear.

Think about Your Schedule and Lifestyle
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