9 Clear Signs It's Time to Dump Her ...


At one time, not so long ago, she was the love of your life, but now, you’re seeing all kinds of signs it’s time to dump her. If you’re torn, though, an objective opinion may be in order, to weigh the pros (she’s smoking hot) versus the cons (too much drama). Here, though, are some deal-breakers, signs it’s time to dump her and move on to greener pastures.

1. She’s Lied to You

You’re guilty of little white lies on occasion (“No, those pants don’t make your ass look big” and “I’d love to have dinner with you and Jenny instead of watching the game”) but she lies all the time, even when she doesn’t have to. All good relationships are built on trust and lying, unless she’s Natalie Portman in Garden State, is going to wreck that. Tall tales and other forms of lying are some of the big red flags, sure signs it’s time to dump her.

She’s Cheated
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