7 Interesting Ways for Men to Deal with Jealousy ...


If you’ve met this wonderful lady that you see yourself married to but you fear that being too possessive could affect your happiness, then you should definitely pay attention to ways for men to deal with jealousy, so you could learn how to trust your partner more. Jealousy actually comes from your insecurities and it’s basically fear of loss or fear of being inferior. Just like William Penn said “The jealous are troublesome to others, but a torment to themselves.” I believe everyone is jealous sometimes to a certain degree., We’re all human after all and none of us is perfect, but I also think that you can learn how to deal with jealousy so it won’t tear your relationship apart. Here are a few interesting ways for men to deal with jealousy that everyone should consider.

1. Ask Yourself Why You Are Jealous

Before taking any rash decisions, just ask yourself why you are jealous in the first place. Maybe one of your ex-partners has cheated on you and you can’t trust anyone anymore because you’re afraid that if you do, something similar might happen again and you don’t want to risk it. Or maybe, you’re feeling a bit intimidated by your new love because they revealed some details about their past that made you question their loyalty. Either way, you should definitely pay attention to these ways for men to deal with jealousy, so you won’t put your relationship in danger.

Make a Plan
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