7 Proven Ways to Battle Bulge and Lose Weight ...


If you struggle to lose weight, I have many ways to battle bulge and help you to get in the best shape of your life. As fitness enthusiast and a personal trainer for over a decade, I have proven ways to get lean, strong and even better your health. Let’s face it: the majority of both men and women have a goal of weight loss even if it is just getting leaner and cut to reveal your muscle striations. I have been lucky to have the opportunity to train thousands of lives to battle weight gain and see great results and now I hope to help you. Here are the proven ways to battle bulge and see great results.

1. Realize There is No Magic Pill

If you realize there is no magic pill and to lose weight and get in your best shape, you are going to have to exercise and hone in on healthy eating, you will achieve great results! You will encounter many other exercisers that may take pills to lose weight but this is not the healthy choice and you can encounter health problems from these unnatural supplements. Putting in the time and energy is one of the main ways to battle bulge!

2. Be Realistic about the Time It Will Take

If you have a significant amount of weight to lose, get real with how long it took for you to gain this weight - for most it is years. Then know that you will not lose 10 pounds in a week, but if you make changes in your diet and exercise daily you will see your weight go down and your body will change. Be patient and realistic and you will achieve positive results.

3. Make Small Changes

As you begin to embark on weight loss, you should starting make small changes in your life. If you have not set foot in a gym in years you may want to start out with going to the gym twice a week. This goes the same for nutrition. If you eat out of pleasure, you should make modifications to your food plan, like cutting out late night snacks and starting your day with an egg white breakfast. Small changes add up to make a big difference and adding changes little by little will help you to stick to the plan!

4. Keep Track of Your Eating

Studies show that people underestimate their daily calorie consumption by as much as 50%. The best way to reach your fitness goals is keep track of what you are consuming. With new technology there are many online trackers such as myfitnesspal.com where you can access your calories and the nutrient density of the food you are eating. This is also a great way to keep you motivated to eat well.

5. Monitor Your Fitness

Monitor the exercise you are doing, along with the intensity at which you are exercising by using a fitness tracker such as the Nike fuel band, Fit Bit or Jaw Bone. If you are not up for using a fitness tracker you have to wear throughout the day, track your fitness by manually entering into an online tracking program. This is a great way to access your fitness and battle bulge!

6. Weigh in and Use Body Comp as a Gauge

Step on the scale daily or weekly at least initially to keep track of your weight loss goals. 38% of the top weight loss losers weigh in daily. Since most men have a goal of gaining muscle, body composition is the best gauge of this since it measures body fat and muscle ratio, so look into purchasing a body composition scale. The best way to gauge body composition is hydrostatic measurement, the gold standard of measurements. Since you probably do not want to jump in a dunk tank every week, stick with the body comp scale as a gauge for now.

7. Understand Every Calorie is Not Equivalent

To achieve optimal health and fitness you need to understand nutrient density. 60 calories in an apple is not the equivalent as 60 calories in a half a cookie because of nutrient density. Apples have pectin, fiber and other vitamins and minerals; all of which are not found in a cookie. So make the natural choice and understand what you are feeding your body.

These tips to battle the bulge will help you get in better shape, lose weight and stay on track. What are your fitness and health goals?