7 Reasons Men Love Video Games so Much ...


Among the great mysteries modern women ponder are the reasons men love video games so much. Does your girlfriend or wife think you're a geek or a bore because you spend more hours on the console than with her? Are you bugged when she nags you to do chores when you’re just about to jump to level 434 of your latest gaming obsession? Next time you're interrupted by your girl, take the time to explain the reasons men love video games so much – she might well be convinced enough to give in gracefully and join you on the sofa with your spare controller.

1. It is the Pinnacle of Modern Escapism

This is one of the most powerful reasons men love video games. It provides a little bit of escapism. It’s about breaking free from real life and entering a virtual one. There are literally thousands of forms of escapism, from eating strawberries in a “pick your own field” instead of paying for them, to watching TV. Video gaming happens to be one of the most immersive forms of escapism. It is also based around achieving some sort of goal and guys are very goal orientated and competitive, so video gaming slips naturally into your preferred form of escapism.

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