29 Rules of Wearing Suits Every Man Should Know ...


They say that “clothes maketh the man,” but that might only be true if you know the rules of wearing suits. You can look super cool when in your casual gear, but nothing makes a statement like a suit. Whether going to the office, impressing your special date or meeting your partner’s parents, the same rules of wearing suits apply. So what are they?

1. The Overall Fit

The Overall Fit

One of the most important rules of wearing suits is having your suit fitted correctly. This is the thing you need to have in the forefront of your mind when you are purchasing a new suit. You don’t have to go with tailoring if you don’t want to, but if you can afford it, this is definitely the option to go with as it will ensure that your suit fits as nicely as possible. Tailoring pays for itself in comfort and longevity.

Jacket Fit
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