7 Skills of a Modern Gentleman That You Should Definitely Consider ...


I want to talk about the skills of a modern gentleman because I think that there’s nothing more irresistible than a man with good manners and proper etiquette. I really believe that chivalry has become somehow endangered, and even though the qualities of a true gentleman never change, there are still a few changes in the way these qualities are expressed. I’m not saying men should forget about their masculinity. I just think that a man would be much more successful if he would just follow the etiquette of a gentleman instead of neglecting it. Just like that famous saying goes, “You may be born to become a man, but you must desire to be a gentleman.” So, here are a few skills of a modern gentleman you should definitely consider.

1. Always Be Polite

I think that being polite is one of the most important skills of a modern gentleman. You actually have no excuse for being rude. Just learn to control your temper and behave in an assertive manner. If someone gets on your nerves, just show them you are a better person by always being polite and not losing your cool. There’s nothing more charming and attractive than a nice, well-behaved and polite man, who respects other people in spite of any wrongs done to him.

Respect the Elderly
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