10 Things That Only Real Gentlemen do ...


In this day and age, it’s easy to separate the gentlemen from the boys, because there are a few things real gentlemen do that other, lesser men don’t. What are these tell-tale signs of modern gentlemanliness, and how many do you, sir, recognize in your own behavior? Grab your monocle, switch on Downton Abbey (no, to both of these), and let’s see which of these things real gentlemen do, that you do, shall we?

1. Groom and Dress Well

Like gentlemen of yore, today’s modern gentlemen dress well, and are careful about their personal grooming. Picking up wrinkled yesterday’s-jeans off the floor and pairing them with the least goat-smelling of your hoodies is fine in college, but you’re beyond that now. Before you leave the house, have a look in the mirror and make sure you’re ready for the world to see you – would you agree to a coffee date with you if you asked? Would you be happy or humiliated to run into that lovely lady in the Marketing Department? And since one of the things real gentlemen do is also pay attention to grooming, be sure your facial hair is trimmed (this includes nose hair, by the way).

Respect Older Ladies (and Gentlemen)
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