7 Tips on How to Choose an Aftershave ...


With the release of new aftershaves practically keeping apace with new women’s perfumes, every man now needs tips on how to choose an aftershave. Whether you’re looking for your first ever cologne (that is if your well-intentioned mom hasn’t landed you with a drugstore special), updating your collection or just treating yourself, choosing an aftershave is almost like attending a chemistry class. There’s no shame or damage to your street cred if you need some tips on how to choose an aftershave. Read on!

1. Think about Your Personality

Knowing how to choose an aftershave means knowing the sort of person that you are. Your aftershave is your representative, and this makes it important to choose a fragrance that fits in with your personality. For example, if you are a sporty, energetic person, go with cologne that is citrusy and fresh. If, on the other hand, you are confident and ambitious, go with something strong and heady. There are lots of different types of scent that fit in with different personality types.

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