7 Worst Men's Hair Trends of All Time ...


You don’t need to write for Vogue or GQ to identify the worst hair trends of all time for men. They hold your attention with the magnetic power of a train wreck, capturing your gaze. Unfortunately, most of us have worn our locks in these unhip ways, but unless we’re pictured in an article about the worst hair trends of all time, we can deny it and bury those memories next to the ones of our failed relationships. Now to identify the styles that have terrorized our follicles for years, in no particular order.

1. The Flattop

The Flattop

Can we say this now that Will Smith is on to bigger and better things? The flattop haircut that he wore as the Fresh Prince of Bel Air was a nightmare. Sure, it may have been popular at the time, but there’s not a scenario I can think of that calls for a ‘do so rectangular. I looked back through the bowels of Wikipedia to try to find a tolerable flattop and my research concluded that it didn’t look any better on Johnny Unitas. That makes the flattop an easy selection as one of the worst hair trends of all time.

The Mullet
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